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George Washington Unit Study



For two weeks I did a George Washington Unit Study with my 3rd grader and 1st grader. I want to share what resources we used and a few activities they did. 




Who Was George Washington 

I am George Washington

If You Were A Kid During The American Revolution

George Washington and the General's Dog

George vs. George

Life In Colonial America Coloring Book


Our main resource was the Waldock Way's Who Was? Series George Washington Pack. We tried to read a chapter every other day at least and fill out the copywork page, the coloring page, vinn diagram, and drawing out the monument. 



  1. The girls built their own Washington Monument from Legos
  2. Watched the Zavier Riddle's Secret Museum episode with George Washington 
  3. Built Gacha Life historical characters. Anyone else's kids obsessed with Gacha Life?! Gotta make those screens work for us. 


Once the weather warms up a bit we plan on taking a trip to Mount Vernon (like a 2 1/2 hr. drive from us). I haven't been since middle school and can't remember much of it so I'm just as excited as the girls. 


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