First Snowfall of 2021
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Winter Lanterns

A main goal I have is to embrace more hygge into our daily routine and into our homeschool. I am also super interested in all things Waldorf, though I don't know how to pull that into our life. One thing I see a lot on Waldorf instagram's is this easy lantern jar. 


Because I have a billion kids I also have a billion empty jars that I have saved for future projects. I used to have a big rubbermaid tub full of trash recyclables that we had access to for all the projects. But my husband finally got his hands on it when we moved and tossed it. Goodbye to all those paper tubes (that I wished I had now), glass jars, butter bins, random shoeboxes, and aluminum tins. Nevertheless I have a hard time getting rid of nice glass jars, so we had one on hand for this quick and easy diy.

First up I mixed glue and water to make a very thin glue and Marleigh painted sections of the jar while adhering white tissue paper squares she had cut earlier that day.


Later that day we went out and plucked a twig off of a evergreen (Thank You Mother Earth) and tied it to the dried jar with twine. Pop in a battery powered tea light and enjoy the flickering on your mantle. You could also add a wire around the rim and make a handle to carry it. 


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