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End Of The Year Testing

My plan at the beginning of every school year is to have remarkable records so that I can put together beautiful portfolios for their end of the year evaluation. In the five years of homeschooling this has never happened. It almost happened last school year and I had actually almost finished Miette's and it was amazing and full of colors and pictures but then COVID hit and we didn't need to turn in anything. 


And then I planned to do it this year but we switched up our curriculum mid-year (which we kind of do every single year). So we are doing what we have always done and doing our online test. 

We use and have used every year the CAT untimed online test via Academic Excellence site. I always get a $5 dollar off code through their emails so we pay $20 for each test. 

I do the untimed test because it will legit take us a month and half to do it especially this year when all three girls are doing it. Here is our set up.


I have our desktop on our counter and I will pull up their test through their portal and we just do one section on the days we are home. I then call each girl starting with the youngest and sit beside them and read and be available if they have any questions. Miette and MacKenzie don't really need me at all but Marleigh sometimes needs some technical assistance. 



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