Upcoming YA Books (second half of 2021)

3 Mini Reviews

I'm trying to get caught up on all my reviews and it's so much easier for me to do these small bursts of reviews than to work on one big monthly reading post. 

6 x 4 in (4)

The Duchess Deal | My first Tessa Dare book I believe. I loved it! Duke of Ashbury gave me all the Phantom of the Opera vibes and I was so down with it. I also enjoyed Emma's character and their chemistry. I mean he is a war hero who was burned and then dumped buy his fiance. I am a sucker for a guy with 0 self esteem and a heart waiting to be uplifted. Go Emma!

6 x 4 in (5)

Dirty Letters | Can you just fan me for a second please? This man on the cover of this book is so fine it's the only reason I downloaded it. Was the story any good? Not the most riveting romance. There wasn't nearly enough sexy bits in it for me and the plot and writing itself left me wanting. It was all good though because Griffin (our hero in this story) had the sexiest narrator voice guy I could die. The voice alone gained it that fourth star. So who really needs a good story plot? Apparently not me. Just give me sexy voices.

6 x 4 in (6)

Devil In Spring | This was a decent one. I actually can't remember much about it but I gave it three stars after reading it so I must have liked it a bit, right?! After going back and reading the blurb I do remember Lady Pandora and her strong minded quirkiness that went right on the line of being too much. The parts about the board game business I remember being a bit boring.


And I vaguely remember liking Gabriel and his feelings toward Pandora. Overall not the most memorable read.


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